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Adoption of EU Action Plan against trafficking in cultural goods - December 2022

On 13 December, the Commission adopted the EU Action Plan against trafficking in cultural goods. The Action Plan aims to provide a clear, comprehensive and effective framework for the EU contribution to the fight against the trafficking of cultural goods in the years 2023-2025. The action plan focuses on four strategic objectives. Firstly, it proposes how to improve the prevention and detection of crimes by market participants and cultural heritage institutions. Secondly, it lists actions aiming at strengthening law enforcement and judicial capabilities. Thirdly, it proposes how to boost international cooperation in combatting illicit trade. And finally, it announces measures to raise awareness amongst other key stakeholders to protect cultural goods from crime.

The document does not only outline the actions to be implemented by the EU but also encourages the Member States to put in place solutions to curb trafficking in cultural goods. We are proud to underline that the work of the NETCHER project which ANCHISE builds on, is presented on page 13 of the document as an example of Key actions to undertake to fight illicit trafficking. The PITCHER Project, which develops educational materials for teachers and educators to raise awareness about illicit trafficking among learners, has also been mentioned as an example on page 16!

This strategic document highlights points that will be part of the action plan of our project. It is of crucial relevance.


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