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In this section, you will discover the Work Packages of the project.


Project managment

This work package will coordinate the work of the ANCHISE project. It will involve the management of all the financial and administrative issues as well as reviewing all deliverables. Its main objective is to efficiently and effectively administer project resources and manage communications with the EC. This WP will ensure that the project runs as planned, that the scientific and technical objectives are achieved and that these achievements are effectively and efficiently communicated with the EC. Specific tasks are dedicated to quality assurance and open data management.


Technology watch, evaluation and adoption

The main objective of the work package is to identify a broad range of technologies, tools and methods (TTM), that can be implemented in the illicit trafficking combat (ITC). We will look at already existing ones, employed in Europe and beyond, as well as others that may be potentially adopted and up taken by the law enforcement community and CH professionals involved in illicit trafficking of CH goods.


Development of object recognition technologies

This work package will develop flagship tools for site monitoring and protection; heritage collection protection; border control object identification; shared database design; advanced heterogeneous data fusion engine; advanced crawling tools and object detection technologies.


Pilot Experimentation Areas: preliminary context study, demonstrations, impact and replicability study

This work package aims to conduct studies on Sociological & economic contexts which will help better define weaknessesthrough a better understanding of the looting and trafficking mechanism. In parallel, WP4 aims at identifying the best technical tools, test and develop them, to answer as precisely as possible threats encountered by cultural heritage material.


Communication, dissemination, and community engagement

This work package aims to increase the visibility of the project and raise awareness about its activities and achievements at pan-European, national, and local levels, as well as to set up the process for exploiting the project results, maximising the specificities of the partnership, thus ensuring the long-term sustainability of its outputs.


Ethics requirements

The objective is to ensure compliance with the 'ethics requirements' set out in this work package.

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